Wednesday, June 22, 2011 0 comments By: Bolton Community Garden

New Members of the Community Garden

Just a few weeks ago, Rona installed some bird houses at the garden. Within a day, one of them was occupied. Soon thereafter, three tree swallows bickered over who was going to take ownership of the second house. Their aerial acrobatics was accompanied by loud arguments. Nothing came of it, though. It looked like that house stayed empty. The owners of the first one were quite secretive. It was not until a couple of days ago before they could be identified: chickadees, now quite busy feeding their brood.  That same day it became clear that a couple had moved into House #2; one of them neatly maneuvered a piece of salt marsh hay in through the entrance down into the living room. The occupants, Mr. and Mrs. Wren, also were busily gathering food for their youngsters, not quietly like the Chickadees, but singing all the while.  Part of their shopping they do at the garden, together with robins, goldfinches, cowbirds, swallows and orioles. Most likely, other species frequent the garden as well. We welcome them very much. The busier they are the better; the bugs are bad this year. The birds, the toad and the garter snake all are part of our community.

--from Ada Woolston

Female cowbird