Wednesday, June 8, 2011 By: Bolton Community Garden

News from the Garden - June 6th

Dear Gardeners,

Our community garden has had the honor bestowed upon it of having been chosen twice as the most favorite place to have a nursery. As some of you know, a couple of days ago our guest of honor was unceremoniously scooped into a waste barrel and dumped into the brook bordering the field. “What a way to treat an expectant mother”, she undoubtedly thought.

Today, either she or another mother-to-be unseen came into our garden and a little corner on the path next to plot 19 became a Birthing Room. We marked this room by putting chairs at either side and placing two signs to indicate that you need to follow a different path to wherever you want to go.

It is quite important for your own safety as well as for the safety of the unborn little ones that you do not disturb this space; mom can be quite vicious. You will not be able to see her. She has dug into the woodchips, leaves and soil. When she is finished, she will leave her offspring and try to find her way out of the garden again. If you see her, open the gate closest to her and let her be. Do not try to pick her up – you’ll lose a finger or more. Keep children away from her. Then call Rona. If you can’t reach her, call Ada. Rona and Pat (from Fish and Wildlife) will carefully remove the eggs and bring them to a spot where they can safely hatch. Try to take some pictures from a safe distance.

Other garden news: one of the three bird houses Rona installed is already occupied; by whom, we don’t know. Maybe chickadees. Swallows were fiercely “fighting” each other for possession of the second box. Robins, orioles, goldfinches and catbirds are all nesting nearby. They enjoy our restaurant. A male hummingbird visited today as well. The swallows and dragonflies constantly swoop up the mosquitoes. Not so beloved cowbirds frequently come in search of a meal for their young.

-- from Ada Woolston


Dave Velten said...

I talked to Rona at the garden today. She says the turtle has now left the garden. We still should not disturb the area in the corner.

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