Sunday, June 5, 2011 By: David Velten

Surprise Garden Visitor

Last Thursday, June 2, we had an unusual visitor to the garden.  It was even more unusual given our efforts over the last three years to screen out uninvited guests. Dave Milton and I noticed a snapping turtle in the garden, trying to find a way out and back to the stream. We guessed that the turtle may have been trying to find a place to lay her eggs, given it’s the season. The big question, of course, is how she got in. Teresa says they can climb fences. Or maybe she waddled in while someone left a gate open. And while we believed snappers are mostly carnivorous, the prospect of that beak shearing off veggie snacks suggested we needed to help her back to the stream. Fortunately, John Balco showed up with a plastic trash can, looking for the elusive wood chip. John bravely volunteered to shovel the turtle and return it to the stream bed, so at least our veggies are safe from that threat.


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