Garden Etiquette

  1. Signup for the returning gardeners will take place the month of March. If plots are still available, new gardeners will be accepted starting April 1. Returning gardeners will pay $20 for their plot, $25 for new gardeners. Payment is due with your registration form and is non-refundable after May 1.
  2. Each year a garden commission of between 3 to 6 individuals will be named. One will take on the role of Garden Coordinator.
  3. Gardeners are required to participate in at least two community workdays and assist with maintenance and improvement tasks throughout the season.
  4. Gardeners should use organic gardening practices. Only fertilizers and insecticides approved for organic gardening should be used.
  5. Plastic mulch is allowed if removed at the end of the season, but biodegradable alternatives are preferred. Do not use hay or straw with seeds, as it may spread weeds. Wood chips should not be used in garden plots.
  6. Unless given permission by the other plot owner, do not walk on, water or pick crops that do not belong to you.
  7. Be considerate of your neighbors. Leave a 6 inch unplanted zone at plot boundaries.  Do not plant sprawling crops or crops that will shade another plot without the other gardener’s permission. Do not encroach into the paths.
  8. To protect our wetlands, keep out of any stream or pond. If flooding occurs, do not direct water into another plot.
  9. You are required to keep insects, weeds and disease under control in your plot, as well as adjacent pathways and fences. Healthy plant material may be placed in the compost bins. Trash, including diseased plant material, needs to be taken home for disposal.
  10. Supervise guests, especially young children, so they donʹt disturb other plots. Pets are not allowed. Please keep gates closed.
  11. Unless approved by all gardeners present, listen to music only via earphones.
  12. If you are not able to maintain your plot, please enlist the help of someone else and notify the Garden Coordinator. Any unkempt plot will be considered abandoned and may be re-assigned at the discretion of the committee.
  13. We urge you to harvest your crops when they are mature and not waste them. Volunteers will assist you in getting your surplus harvest to a local food bank or family in need. Please let the Garden Coordinator know if you need help with your harvest.
  14. All dead plants, weeds and stakes must be removed from your plot at the end of the season. Healthy plants can be tilled under. Returning gardeners are welcome to plant winter crops.
  15. Any disagreements between gardeners will be referred to the Garden Coordinator.
  16. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please contact one of the garden committee members.
  17. Any change to these guidelines must be approved by a majority of the garden committee.
  18. Your compliance with the above guidelines will help everyone have an enjoyable and prosperous garden experience. Failure to comply may result in a loss of future gardening privileges.